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Hi! everyone i am UFAQ SALEEM welcome to my site. I decide to share some unique and new information regarding all the subjects even the account making and science. It's my passion to learn about different feild and spred knowlage as possible as i can. "

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  • Day by day there are many online platform are going to introduce through which people can show their work, talent to the world many people are earring online through different sources, different sites. Any task is one of the biggest online earning platform. It is newly introduce freelancing site. launch by ETN which basically give flight to ENT in all over the world.


    ANY TASK is a new freelancing site which might be in future give high competition to fiver due to their  talented  freelancers and great futures. not only many talented, skilful, experienced freelancers are part of this site but some newborn satisfied, master and skilled freelancers are part of this website. 


      This application is not totally xerox of the fiver, any task team work well and add some different and      exciting futures. Easy to use and follow

    • TRANSLATOR:- 23 languages are part of this app which make this app smooth and easy to understand 
    • TRANSLATION:- You can translate the message of buyer or seller at a time in your own native language or any other language in this way you can attract the client and make long term relationship.
    • PAYMENT METHODS:- It is the first unbank platform it is cryptonym plate from 
    • TASK:- In fiver, we sell our service by the name of the gig, but in any task, we call it TASK.


         First of all, type anytask.com on Google search engine.

       Click on the first link.

        When you link on the link, this site will open.

         If you do not have an account on any task, click on join now button.

        Now add your email address and password and click on join now button.

        After clicking on the join now, you will see another form like below fill this form and press the              submit button.

      After that, click on my account button and click on became on the seller.


       After that, click on get started.
       Now fill details which highlighted by the red box. I already had an account on any task that's why all     the details are already filled.


       After that click on the blue Resend Email link on the left side.

       After clicking on this link, they will send you an email on your for account conformation go and             check your email account. 

      Open this mail, and you will get below message from any task, team click on the blue colour Confirm    Email Address  button.

      Now go to your any task account again, and you will see a green colour line on top of the successfully    confirmed email address.

      Now again go to my account, click on become a seller then click on get start and know blue colour       connect link.

       And then you open the below page now click on blue colour connect link.

     When you click on this link, you will see another registration form fill all the requirements and click   on  log in.


       After that click on the green button to create an account then you will get below notification type    thing and a mail on your email account go a check open this mail.

      When you open this mail you receive a confirmation code from electron copy that code.

      Again go to any task account and past this code then click on green colour conform button.


      After conformation of code you will again get a summation form like below fill all the requirements     correctly and adequately. After filling all the requirements click on the green continue button.

    when u click on continue button you get something like this to enter your pin what you want and then again click on save the pin.

      Read all the connections and tick them after that click on I Understand. 


      Take your id card picture and applied her but if don't have i.d card then take a pic of your father i.d to make Electronum account by the name of your father and any Task account on your name.
      OK, now fill all the detail and click on the complete account setup


    Now your documents are under review The website owner will find out whether the detail is true or not. 

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